Moscow – Petushki »One-way ticket

"Moscow – Petushki": one way ticket

The problem is that the born of Erofeev was a banal alcoholic and wrote a book about how the drunkard travels in the train, far from the truth. He portrayed the drunkenness of the "norm of life" during the years of the omnipresent idea and slogan "sobriety – the norm of life". And paid for alcoholism with his own health.

By one book

Venedikta Erofeeva (1938-1990) without dimming his creativity can be called the author of one book. Write the second after the "dead souls" the poem in prose, which is reprinted to the present, could only be a very talented person. The recognition of talent is definitely, but there is one "but".

The year of creating a cult work coincides with the peak of the vagrancy of the author and the daily ministry of Bakhusu. Interaction of alcohol dependence and productive creativity In most cases, only one option implies: the Creator ceases to be drunk, "comes to himself" and creates another masterpiece. However, in relation to Venedikta Erofeev, this approach is incorrect.

Systematic abuse of alcohol is noted at him, but, oddly enough, it does not particularly harm the creative process.

He writes in his autobiography: "In the autumn of 1969, I finally got to my own letter manner and in the winter of 1970, Nakhpom created" Moscow – Petushki "(from January 19 to March 6, 1970)".

Boy with phenomenal memory

About the child’s future popular author knows a bit. He spent it in Kirovsk on the Kola Peninsula. Father in 1946 was arrested "for anti-Soviet propaganda" and served until 1951, mother was a housewife. Not the rarest case of family history of that time. But if some such dramas cultured the humility of the authorities, others – the insult and spirit of the rebound. Wennedikta Erofeev, we see the second life scenario.

Sister of writer N. V. Frolova remembers:

"The broom is unusual and small: when he learned to read, we didn’t even know, no one specially taught him … He was discreet, deepened in his thoughts, his memory was excellent.

We did not have any special books, so I read everything in a row that it comes across; We had a small tear-off calendar, which hangs not a wall. A broomach this calendar – all 365 days – I completely knew myself back to school; For example, tell him: July 31 – he answers: Friday, sunrise, sunset, longitude of the day, holidays, and all that is written on the back. Such was a phenomenal memory.

In addition, he has always been independent. Never became October. And neither a pioneer nor the Komsomolian he was. But these were the 40-50s.

In 1946, the Father was planted … We are starving, and my mother does not give a card, because it does not take her work as a wife of the enemy of the people (we have dependent cards). It turns out that she lives at our expense, our essays. In short, mom apparently decided that if she leaves, then the state takes care of us. We really came to us from the police, immediately taken to the orphanage and drove into Kirovsk. ".

Note and this psychological moment, predisposing to serious mental injury.

Beyond stereotypes

In the orphanage, the future writer spent six years. The school was "terrible Tikhoni", graduated from her gold medal and entered the philological faculty of Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov. But after a year and a half, it was expelled for "noticeing for military training classes". Subsequent with the same success (no longer than a year) studied in other institutions, from which sooner or later it was expelled.

From the Vladimir Pedagogical Institute, for example, he was expelled "for moral, moral and ideological decomposition of students".

The reason for those times was convincing: in the bedside table, Wennedikt found the Bible, "which he knew by heart and without which could not live" (Shmelkova N., 1999).

Already in the Vladimir Pedagogical Institute, Venedict went out the winner of the duel "with the most famous drinks". He punished them all, and "celebrities" were lying down at the table, and he, "clean, like a glass … condescendingly took the delight of virgins. But she flew out of "Peda" for these feats, although he studied there better than everyone, receiving a nicked scholarship. Surprisingly all the ability of the venetict did not get drunk for a very long time.

One thing is obvious – the Venedict did not fit into the framework of generally accepted stereotypes and tried to live according to its principles and laws. The fact that the opinion of the surrounding little was interested in him remains an indisputable fact.

Found a husband "on the garbage"

Subsequently, without registration, without having a permanent place of residence, Erofeev arranged to work in different and unpredictable places, one listing of which would take a whole page.

However, even the most "exotic" from them – a driller in the geological party, the watchman in the detox, duty officer of the police, receptor of the glass station, the installer of cable lines, the laboratory assistant of the parasitological expedition, the editor and the proofreader of student abstracts in Moscow State University, the seasonal worker did not interfere with drinking almost constantly. Only marriage in 1976 gave him the opportunity to register in the capital.

Very characteristic line of memories of the second wife of Erofeev g. NS. Nasal: "I am literally at the garbage" I found ".

Path to alcoholic psychosis

We present an impressive list of Erofeev hospitalizations associated with alcohol addiction. In 1973 and 1979, because of white and white, the Kashchenko psychiatric hospital enters a psychiatric hospital. Everything is repeated in June 1982 and January 1983, when he is in treating about alcohol dependence in the Moscow Region Pension.

In the summer of the same year, Erofeev on the car, along with a friend, commit in the literal sense "Drunk" journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Stopping on each "Radishchevskaya" station, drink for Radishchev, for Pushkin, for the Decembrists and for "awakened Herzen".

In St. Petersburg, friends-poets and artists friends connected to Muscovites, but in a week the holiday ended with alcoholic psychosis of Yerofeev.

Erofeev’s grave at the Kuntsevsky Cemetery of Moscow

In July 1985, Yerofeev is again in the treatment in a psychiatric hospital. NS. NS. Kashchenko.

Moscow - Petushki »One-way ticket

But he is already sick hard and hopelessly, the doctors discovered "Cancer Gortani". After the operation, he could only speak with the help of a voice forming machine. He was installed the second group of disability.

A writer died, contrary to the forecasts of narcologists, not from alcohol cirrhosis of the liver, and from oncological disease. Early death of Yerofeyev framed by another tragedy: His wife Galina Nosova ended in 1993, having thrown away from the 13th floor of their apartment.

"Note of the psychopath"

From the younger years, Venedict was distinguished by an outstanding erudition and love for literary words. At the age of 17, he began to write "psychopath notes" (first published in 1995). In all his works of Erofeev, the traditions of surrealism and literary buffonts are told, but in our time, literary reviews are ranked with "postmodernists".

His creative process of Will-Neils was associated with the alcohol disease and the living conditions associated with it. Not surprisingly, he often lost his notebooks and manuscripts.

The contemporary recalls his words: "All leaflets fall away from me, as from the village in the fall". In his "autobiography", the writer states such a fact: "In 1972," Dmitry Shostakovich "followed" Petushkami ", whose blacknish manuscript was lost, and all attempts to restore it were not crowned with nothing.".

Diagnostic assumption

Introverted schizoid personality; Alcoholic dependence that occurred with psychotic episodes.

Sorry afflicted and lost, possibly talented manuscripts of Erofeev. But enough and what remains. He is from those creators who have enough of the only work for glory. Indicatively, the fact that the clinical picture of alcoholism and white and white chickens found their artistic reflection in his famous book (Shuvalov A. V., Bosik O. J., 2016).

Life threatening

The reaction of readers on a unique poem in prose was naturally different. The most trusty simply went into the heroic filing with the manufacture of cocktails by the author’s recipes. "The broom probably lost no less than the unfortunate than at one time the Werker, – with the difference that Goethe, having passed the readers the bowl of his longing, he himself looked around himself, and the author" Petushkov "honestly drank what he offered, to the bottom "(Sedakova about. A., 2010).

One of the Cocktails recommended by the author was called "Tears of Komsomolskaya" and was accompanied by the following comment: "… You will drink it a hundred grams, this tear, – the memory is firm, and just mind did not happen. Let’s drink more than a hundred grams – and they are wondering yourself: where did so much of the sound? and where all the solid memory?"

Of course, copyright cocktails recipes are better not to check – fraught with consequences for both life and literature.

Moscow - Petushki »One-way ticket

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