Mothers are happy – children are satisfied

Mothers are happy – children are satisfied

Scientists of the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essays found out that how young people assesses relations in their families, directly depends on the level of happiness of their mothers.

The study was attended by 40 thousand Britons at the age between 10 and 15 years, which specialists were offered to respond to a simple question: "Are they satisfied with the family relations?", And then analyzed what could affect their answer.

During the experiment, it turned out that many families were satisfied with their families – more than 60% of all participants. But it is interesting that happy children in those families, where mother is unhappy, significantly less than those where the housewife is satisfied with life – 55% against 73%. The happiness of the Father’s Father is much less likely to concern children and does not particularly affect their overall picture of the world.

Professor of the University of John Ermsch (John Ermisch), Dr. Maria Jacob (Maria Iacovou) and Dr. Alexander Skou (Alexandra Skew) found that the most happy children of Great Britain are those who live with both parents (not important – biological or receiving) do not have younger brothers and sisters, at least three times a week dinner with the whole family and very rarely swear with relatives. Another mandatory condition of contentment – the happiness of the mother in marriage.

Mothers are happy - children are satisfied

Dr. Maria Jacob commented on his own research: "Currently, when politicians are very concerned that" Britain broke ", these studies show that relations inside the family and happiness of parents are the keys to happiness of young people. Contrary to the popular belief that children only want to play video games and watch TV, we have proven that they are happy when communicating with parents, brothers and sisters ".

Interestingly, as scientists found out, the presence of older brothers and sisters does not affect the satisfaction of the teenager from life, but the presence of younger makes a person feel undervalued that, accordingly, reduces its level of happiness.

Most children – 72% of the total number of subjects – admitted that they are happy, because they swear with their parents less often once a week and can discuss with them important questions. The author of the research Maria Jacob concluded: "The research institute has become a good start and discovered a fantastic potential for anyone who is interested in the well-being of children".

Mothers are happy - children are satisfied

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