Why do teens do not want to grow

Why do teens do not want to grow?

Why the teenager runs away from home? Because sometimes it is lost in the sea indifference. Because it looks at adults who are no longer fond of anything in this life, and is terrified: really I will ever be so? The task of adults is to create a situation in which children will not grow scary.

Teenager – the creature of Gutta-read, he, according to Mikhail Gasparov, "in his development stretched out like a train, and exhausted, running along his head to tail".(1) He does not believe that it was not the first to be born in this light, he is strange when reminding that he is not at all PUAP. And who then?! A teenager is like in the pre-tribades of adult life. With it undress, but with you for the closed door do not take. Therefore, he spies and speculate, in moderation of his own imagination. Teenager seeks to adult life – to freedom. No other benefits in it.

The teenager, most often, enters rapidly, reflexively, not reflecting. He is a person direct action in much greater than a person at any other age. We somehow walked with students on the embankment Moscow-River. Parked machines were angry with front wheels on the sidewalk. One "Zhigulenok" on the halfcase broke forward, after all the pedestrian trail. "To be embedded on him, so that I had no way," I exhaled with a butt anger, I hardly swaying between the Parapet of the embankment and the nose of the car. And suddenly heard the characteristic knock behind himself: this fifteen-year-old Ruslanchik knocked his palm on the hood of the car, immediately completing the teacher’s wishes for reality. My "Red Littlecap" was directly guided by.

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Why do teens do not want to grow

Teenagers are demonstrative, but hidden. Express in scream, but internally clamped and shy. They are divided into those who find "under all", and those who want to stand out something. But often in them perfectly gets along and both. Should not fight their reference, reference at this stage by the group with which they twist the clock and part of which want to become. Adult business – just keep yourself as a steady alternative. Be like. And be not indifferent.

Employed people have another remarkable feature: they want to be better than they have to be. By the way, with age, this desire disappears. Somehow one of them told me: "I normally live like everything. But, of course, I want differently. The question is only – can?"In a different way, many want, but units will cope. In fact, in defense, the smart council, the majority needed, no matter how they sought to show the opposite. Therefore, only three qualities are needed for successful communication with children – sincerity, kindness and justice. It is impossible to "play pedagogy", just to depict empathy – imitation sooner or later will be found, and children will close us forever.

Teen by its nature – Drive: the necessary and unnecessary things, knowledge, other people’s opinions, experience of their own mistakes. Do not condemn it for the consumerism and, especially, to reproach. Will come dead, and he will begin to give. And the main thing is to respect him, not forgetting that "from adolescents are constructed generations" (2).

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