Why do we choose “bad guys” and what it threatens

Why do we choose "bad guys" and what it threatens?

The eternal question of as men’s and female halves of humanity. Many books, movies, television series are built on the relationship between the "good girl" and the "bad guy". And if you look at, then among your friends, everyone will remember at least one such classical case. So what unites all these stories? Why such a model of behavior is relevant to this day?

I’m bored!

Women, as you know, Nature Changes. However, often indecisive. Agree, it is hardly among your friends a lot of girls-hooligan. However, even the most intelligent woman is not averse to driving on a motorcycle along the night city with a fatal, confident handsome. Bad guys open the veil into that life that we are not given and do not need.

But so sometimes I want to look at the same eye! And at least in the end, women marry reliable, caring, family, for sure each of each memory is stored that the worst guy who gave an unattainable. It is important to note that in such cases there are often no affected, only pleasant memories remain, sense of satisfaction and youth.

This nuts for my teeth or "Mother Teresa syndrome"

Many women are tied to bad guys of some kind of fanatical love, confident in their complex and deep nature, which is capable of understanding and love only she. And she persistently does not see that he can, drunkard or hooligan. No, he is just a sad person who needs help. And she will give this help, of course, he will provide.

The problem of such a model is that the woman is tied until the patience just leaves nowhere, and with him confidence, calm, cheerfulness and "best years of life".

Why do we choose


What a woman can help a fine nature of his chosen? Of course, love! Watching soap operas, these women believe that their love and caressing wonders – she will heale him and will become the only, special, beloved. The problem is that in real life it is often less poetic.

Therefore, before tieting up a new relationship, each of us should ask yourself honestly – this entertainment, striving to outward altruism, fantasy or still something serious, important and conscious?

It is necessary to be honest with itself and not to build air locks. After all, our expectations may not be justified. But worse than the fact that the consequences may affect their relatives, friends, family. After all, suddenly opening eyes are like a drop in a large meteorite: the radius of the defeat will certainly affect the nearby cities

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