Why do we find it difficult to make a choice

Why do we find it difficult to make a choice?

In a situation of life selection, we often suffer from uncertainty. But after all, the choice is not torture at all, but the chance to reveal your own "I"! Professor Ruth Chang proposes to take a look at the adoption of complex solutions in a new way.

What is a difficult choice and what it differs from simple? Ruth Chang (Ruth Chang), Professor of Ratger University (USA), believes that everything is in the ratio of possible options. If one is uniquely better than the other, choose easily. But often we are standing in front of the choice, in which the categories "better / worse / the same" simply do not work. This may be a change of profession, the choice between potential spouses, the decision to raise the child in someone else’s religion … "With a difficult choice, one option benefits in one respect, another option – in another, but in general, none is the absolute favorite.

Ruth Chang – Philosopher, Professor of Ratger University (New Jersey, USA). The scope of its research interests lies in the areas related to the "non-stationability of human values". Questions of rational choice, mind and ethics The author raises in numerous articles, as well as in the books "Making Significance" and "Incommensurability, Incomparability and Practical Reason".

Turning out to be a similar choice, we continue to look for the best option, which is simply not. Fancy Searches generate a sense of fear, uncertainty and even feeling of their own nonsense. Man mistakenly believes that there is a "right answer", which he cannot find because of his ignorance. Therefore, in most cases, the scales bowl leans towards the safest solution.

Such was the story and the root of Chang. Choosing between the career of a lawyer and a philosopher, she chose the first as a deposit of a stable future. "I am from a modest family of immigrants. Therefore, the idea to spend the whole life, just sitting in the chair and thinking, seemed to be riding for madness and waste. But even listed all the arguments "for" and "against", I could not decide what is better. Therefore, I did what many do in such a situation – I chose a less risky option. Afraid to be an unemployed philosopher, I became a lawyer, and as it turned out, the work of a lawyer did not come up. It was not mine. And now I am a philosopher studying a difficult choice ".

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But it is not necessary to think that a difficult choice is waiting for us only in global issues like choosing a profession or changing the place of residence. A difficult choice is not necessarily an important choice, and in ordinary life we ​​are faced with him very often. "You are going to have breakfast. It is important to you that the food is at the same time useful and delicious. You can eat rich bran fiber, and you can chocolate donut. Bran useful, and the donut is much more tastier. But no option is the winner – this is a difficult choice. ". And truly important decision no longer seems so desperately difficult after the realization of this simple fact: even such trifles, as a choice of breakfast, may not be a matter of light.

Why do we find it difficult to make a choice

Standing in front of a difficult choice, you need to abandon the usual assessment scale. After all, such human values, like love, friendship and kindness, cannot be measured using the characteristics "better", "worse" or "equal". Instead of this three-part scale, Ruth Chang offers a new alternative ratio – "on an equal basis". In this case, each of the options is understood as a set of unique values ​​of different types.

The choice between them occurs on the basis of external factors, but on the basis of internal arguments, to form which can each. "When we create internal arguments, . We ourselves create our lives ". Without your own rules, choosing safe out of fear, people start sailing downstream. Then their lives instead of themselves form the very external rational conditions. "I was taken to the profession of a lawyer. I did not want to be a lawyer, "says Chang. – You need to think about what you is closer, for which you are intended, and with the help of hard choices to become exactly such a person. ".

In fact, the problem of a difficult choice puts in front of us one-only question: "Who I want to be?". To answer it, we need to develop our own rules of the game and come up with arguments in favor of one of the alternatives. "Choosing between options" on an equal basis ", we can justify the choice with your position. "Here is my position. I am! I like the banking, and I choose chocolate donuts ". Our answer when making difficult choices is a rational answer, but it is not dictated by external reasonable arguments. ".

Our internal arguments should play a major role in such a situation. Honest answer to the question "What I want?"And the decision taken on his basis places full responsibility for our life. And only at the same time we get a unique opportunity indeed.

Why do we find it difficult to make a choice

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