Why do we like to condemn everyone so much

Why do we like to condemn everyone so much?

The terrorist attacks in Belgium were caused by some not natural sympathy, but the desire to indicate Europe on its harmful multiculturalism and carelessness. Where does this thrust come from?

Because we have strong the traditions of collectivism

"The more prone society to collectivism, the stronger it depends on the generally accepted estimates," the psychologist Margarita Zhampochyan notes. ours are still tied to collective opinions and judgments. Psychologically, the period of comparative estimates corresponds to age of 10-12 years, when the child is very dependent on the opinions of others. With the growth of the level of education and culture, we gradually get rid of the habit of judging everyone and everything around or remain in the authorities of the estimates divided by the majority. "To make a personal position not easy. It is easier to join someone else’s opinion, "says psychologist. – But this is a simplification, and, agreeing on it, we inevitably roll to the anticulture ".

Because Evaluation – Knowledge Tool

Judgment – one of the simplest cognitive mechanisms. Taking a judgment, we compare a person with them or other people who serve us with references. And the subject or phenomenon – with some existing samples. Evaluation judgments are similar to robots, explains the social psychologist Galina Soldatov: "They perform the primary sorting of information entered into consciousness: it is good, then – bad".

Because it seems to us to express their attitude

Why do we like to condemn everyone so much

However, it is not necessary to express my attitude. "Any assessment is an interpretation, and the interpretation is a lie, it is not equal to the object, – is sure Margarita Zhampocyan. – as soon as the intervieweer is evaluated in the conversation, it becomes somewhat. We need to learn to change judgments, rebuild them so that the assessment is no matter, good or bad – did not arise. ". Even if the child shows you a drawing, it is better not to praise or criticize him, but tell you what you see on it, what feelings he causes you.

Because, condemning the other, we can manage them

"Evaluation – also the tool of power, monitoring, – resembles Margarita Zhampocyan. – For this reason, for example, schools can not refuse marks. ". If it is widely spent, the words "judgment" and "court" are certainly related. And for our desire to judge stands also, the desire to feel their power and superiority. "However, instead of the statement of disabilities, we negate the identity of the other, – warns psychoanalytic Norber Charton (Norber Chatillon), – then perverting an assessment as an important function of our psyche".

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