Why do we love to read your horoscopes

Why do we love to read your horoscopes

We often ask new acquaintances: who are you on a horoscope? And every month we read that stars are preparing to us, even if we take astrology with distrust. Why do we believe these forecasts and answers to what questions they are looking for?

I immerse yourself in reading your favorite magazine and immediately starting from the category, which tells me about me, – "My horoscope" … for a while I sincerely forget that more than hundreds of thousands of people were born on the same day and hour. Star Oracle addresses my predictions to me one. Here, no one is trying to persuade me to buy something, vote for those or these, does not inform me of fresh news about the criminal situation in the country and the difficulties of the economy ..

I am a fish, and this is my year. I will be irresistible, declares my horoscope 2011, because Neptune, my planet, comes into my own sign in April – for the first time in all the years of my life. August and September will be hot and passionate, December – more intimate and cozy, and maybe in December I can find what has been looking for a long time. In general, the entire upcoming decade, promises a forecast for me the most successful, most memorable, most exciting. It will be the very time for which I was born ..

Having live in the light of not one dozen years, we could already be convinced of the illusion of such predictions. As after a love failure, we promise to never succumb to deception, but very soon we again have been doing hope that today, this month and the year in these predictions will still be at least a drop of truth.

Balsam per soul

The reading of the horoscope is one of the "Points", It seems to be the coin, a flower of lilac with five petals, or a children’s idea that if we believe in something very much, it will be implemented. We also believed in childhood in Santa Claus! And become adults, we hope that the stars will give us what we most likely: love, money, health, success ..

Even if the horoscope does not promise me that I will get rich in the near future so much that I can not work anymore at all, you still always have something good. He will never tell me that I’m threatened with cancer or that my companion of life is about to leave me. Too dark events (death of loved ones, divorces, illness) do not allow these pages.

Margaret Hamilton, a psychologist from Wisconsin University (USA), calculated that the heading of "horoscopes" in newspapers contains up to 70% of positive information – while in the usual article it contains no more than 50% 1 . We are not at all such spaces – there is a game element in all this. And we always make it easy to find a forecast that most suits us.

"I always believed that the horoscope in my journal is accurate than others," – Announced 47-year-old journalist Veronica. "It seems to us that the text of the horoscope is about us when a talented person was made up," the psychologist and hypnotherapist explains Vladimir Kucherenko. – Each phrase of such a text is multi-valued, and we unconsciously complement it with meaning ".

In fact, horoscopes published in journals, from year to year, are not so changing: From January 2001 to January 2011, they sing to us the same song, and we don’t even notice it. We are here on the territory of fiction, fantasy.

The world of the horoscope is close to the world of dreams: he imperceptibly sends us to those happy moments of our childhood, when parents before bedtime told us wonderful stories about beautiful princes and princesses. By the way, the professional astrologers themselves – and there are such, and quite serious – absolutely do not trust daily forecasts: planets move too slowly so that you can make predictions for every day ..

In search of sense

Why do we love to read your horoscopes

We read our horoscopes when you are in love and full hope. Or, on the contrary, stuck in trouble, looking for work … In such difficult moments, thanks to the horoscope, we project yourself in a more radiant future: "I’m bad now, but it will be better when Uranus leaves my skyskle". Our current difficulties acquire a certain meaning: "I don’t get better, because I am a fish, and fish are doomed to suffer, especially those who were born in the last decade". And since it oppresses us not anything, but Saturn or Mars, we feel a little less responsible for our inability to resist at work or retain a partner.

"We think we read our horoscope objectively, And in fact, we interpret it, entering the situations into it that you are experiencing at the moment that we want to endure, – I am sure Vladimir Kucherenko. – By the way, if what we read does not find any reflection in reality, we will not pay attention to this or open a horoscope from another magazine, more favorable or more appropriate. ".

But as soon as we have a feeling of lobbies, we give them to passibly. "The case was five or six years ago, – remembers the 36-year-old teacher Tatyana. – I read that in the period from April to June I will find a familiarity that will be crucial. And from the very first time, when we went to the theater with some Sasha, I was already inserted into this relationship in full. I have already seen myself married. In fact, I showed such a pressure that he ran away from me!"

According to Psychoanalyst Svetlana Fedorova, Regular reading predictions for your sign satisfies our need to imagine that someone else thinks about us. "This is a refuge from longing and anxiety in the modern world, which is becoming more and more materialistic and individualistic, – she said. – People of antiquity lived alone with frightening and unpredictable nature, feeling vulnerable, unprotected. To reduce the alarm, they were looking for patrons and defenders in the highest unearthly forces. Nowadays, such thinking continues to live in each of us and often turns on in everyday life in anxiety and uncertainty situations ".

Antique civilizations used horoscope for dividing time for years, months, hours. They appealed to the stars to find out whether to join the battle, will there be a good harvest. But in those ancient times the sky addressed their instructions to the priests and kings, and not ordinary citizens seems to us. Only in the XIX century, the horoscope began to talk to people from the people. Later, after World War II, the language of astrological signs gradually penetrated on the pages of public press and women’s magazines. The more individualism increased in us, the stronger our thirst for predictions was made … In fact, the "good" horoscope is the same that it raises us, gives confidence and allows us to consider yourself the dashes of fate.

Talk to me about me

Self-confidence is also the feeling that we are identified, defined, and therefore are predictable for others. Capricorn – loners. Fish – idealists who are always planted artificial paradise kush. Tales, on the contrary, reliable and solid. Lions love to be in the foreground, scorpions are dangerous for themselves and others … "Our era is characterized by an unprecedented desire for identification, which pushes us to look for themselves in all offered models, – explains the Jungian analyst Lion Khigay. – And astrological signs just describe the character traits and trends in behavior (energetic, realism, dreaminess, courage …), common to all mankind. Therefore, it is quite normal that we learn in part in each of them. ".

Why do we love to read your horoscopes

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