Why do we never forget those who offended us in childhood

Why do we never forget those who offended us in childhood

We can forget the name of our teachers and school friends, but the names of those who offended us in childhood are forever remain in mind. Clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg talks about ten reasons, because of which we remember our offenders again and again.

Ask your friends about their child’s resentment, and you will realize that not only you suffer "ghosts of the past". Everyone has something to remember.

A list of ten reasons for which we cannot forget the offense is helpful to see many. Adults who were offended in childhood so that they could realize what happened to them, and thus solve the current problems. Children and adolescents who humiliate at school to understand why this happens, and try to confront offenders. Finally, the initiators and participants were traveled so that they think about what deep injury would be applied to whom they are mocked, and changed their behavior.

Our offenders: Why can’t we forget you?

1. You made our life unbearable. You did not like that someone wore "wrong" clothes, was too high or low, full or thin, too smart or stupid. We were still uncomfortable to know about our characteristics, but you started to make fun before others.

You have enjoyed because it was pleasant to humiliate us, we had the need for this humiliation, did not give us calmly and happily live. These memories are impossible to erase, just as it is impossible to stop experiencing feelings associated with them.

Why do we never forget those who offended us in childhood

2. We felt helpless in your presence. When you traveled us together with your friends, this helplessness increased repeatedly. The worst thing was that we experienced guilt because of this helplessness.

3. You made us feel a terrible loneliness. Many could not tell the house that you did with us. If someone decided to share with her parents, he only received a useless advice that it is not necessary to pay attention. But as you can not notice the source of torment and fear?

4. You may not even remember that We often missed lessons. In the morning we had a stomach, because you needed to go to school and tolerate the torment. You have caused us physical suffering.

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