Why do you need a psychologist

Why do you need a psychologist?

Why treat a psychologist? What will it help and help whether? And why the psychotherapeutic session has nothing to do with a friendly conversation?

"The patient does not understand, and my task is to explain to him. "- I hear sometimes from colleagues. Yes, and patients themselves are often looking for an explanation psychologist in the office, and sometimes they call work with a psychologist lessons. And how else? The psychologist studied psychology, knows her laws and can teach the patient, explain to him.

At the same time, the specialist turns out to be someone like Mom, Pope and Teachers in one bottle, and the patient is not too capable, if she did not understand something, the student. Psychologist, maybe, and it’s nice to act as a big, smart and strong, but, having freesed from a sense of own importance, it is not so difficult to make sure that this approach to psychotherapy does not work. And the patients themselves are best expressing: "I understand everything, and the soul suffers".

I imagine making your life as embroidery on canvas. Good, right canvas, and drawing I came up with a wonderful, and I understand perfectly well what to do. But nothing happens: "I want it better, but it turns out as always …"

Why? I embroider the thread that is straight from the experiences of my life experience, in which, with all the clearness of the experience itself (here I did right, it was wrong here, it was necessary, and there, and there, and t.D. and T.NS.) Many nodules, nodes and loops.

And now I need an important stitch of life to put. I understand that it is necessary for what he is, and the thread is still stuck or rifles. Here and I go to a psychologist so that he helped untie, dissolve these invalid, unknown to me, but so disturbing spiritual loops and nodules.

Homemade and friends can not help, because due to many reasons they will discuss the experience itself, and not how he is experiencing. This is due to the borders for which we cannot care within our real relationships with their history, the nature and interests of the participants. Therefore, psychotherapy of family members, friends and those with whom he is connected with personal or business relations.

Externally, psychotherapy – the conversation of two people. What distinguishes her from just conversation?

– just like a lawyer and a doctor, a psychologist serves the interests of this one person. So, working with a difficult child, he does it for a child, and not for a family or school.

– knowing the circumstances of the patient’s life, the psychologist is not concentrated on them, but on their experiences. The same divorce can be stated as happiness of liberation, like a wreck of life, as something unimportant.

Why do you need a psychologist

– From this it follows the fact that Alexander Badhya calls the psychotherapeutic transformation of the ethical: good-specific patient is more important than good peace with his morality, rules, etc.D. Do not, for example, the crime of Rodion Raskolnikova is disclosed and come to a psychologist of the years in 10-15 years later with words – they say, she stopped two aunt for anything about anything and now I can not live with it, – the psychologist will take his words as an expression of spiritual flour with which and will help to understand, and not as a turn on the obey or confession for the sake of.

– The psychologist takes the patient as it is, without evaluation judgments. Assessment of the patient’s actions as good or bad, correct or incorrect and t.D. Lies beyond psychotherapy.

– The psychologist does not make it takes place between him and the patient beyond their communication. Even law enforcement agencies, he has the right to give the necessary information only on a special legal decree.

– The psychologist does not say, does not prescribe, does not prescribe opinions and behavior, but helps him explore those unconscious experiences of the past and present experiences that give rise to patient problems. Patient, for example, well understands that difficulties in financial relations are connected with the fact that it establishes too close relations with people. The task of a psychologist in this case is to help the patient investigate the origins of the desire to look for close relationships and work with it related to these sources of experience.

All the above makes psychotherapeutic relationships are truly unique, and therefore helping a person to unleash the tormenting soulful knots and prepare themselves for life without this pain.

Why do you need a psychologist

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