Why do you need eternity, if you do not know what to do in the weekend

Why do you need eternity, if you do not know what to do in the weekend

"Do not rush to see all my life in one place. The youth of the cells of our brain, as on batteries, works on the impressions and sense of life," – about how our youth depends on the brain, and the brain – from new knowledge and skills, tells Alexander Kolyada, genetics, researcher of the Epigenetics laboratory of the Institute of Gerontology.

Terrible horror is that most of the dietary dubbeds are working due to the fact that multicolored pills. And remind you of the colors of the sea, mountains and fields. And the injection of the compound is for rejuvenation – because the placenta contains a drop of romance of the rising sun. Swiss cosmetics from wrinkles – Includes in the brain neurons with pictures of hills and calm lakes. Started completed experiments with LSD gave the same good result as many modern preparations for the symptomatic treatment of patients and nootropics. Games of pictures and consciousness affect us and our health.

Mouse adventures are actively studied by scientists. Classical experiments – when mice contain in boring cells and in cells with all sorts of toys or just interesting things – colored pieces of pieces of various shape and size, and ending – take in hand. All these incredible adventures of mice are called the enriched medium, when a lot of interesting animals sweeps in front of her eyes. Apparently, such experiments like both scientists, because the results of such experiments are extremely many. The enriched medium in such experiments has a positive effect on a variety of aspects of animals, from a tendency to mouse depression to reducing the risk of cancer.

The Romanian children from the orphanages of the 70-80s studied along and across the Bihewarists, which the first months of life lived in terrible conditions, which they almost did not care and did not pay attention to them, involuntarily repeat the experiments on animals. In 1966, Ceausescu forbade contraception and abortion on the territory of Romania, was also introduced so-called "Tax on celibacy"- families in which were less than 5 children should have paid for this money. As a result, a woman gave birth a lot, and immediately gave the children in poorly equipped shelters. At the same time, children adopted families from many countries and, first of all, fought with the results of a children’s psyche formed in the conditions of emotional alienation and sensory deprivation. The results were bad. Children who lived in a depleted medium of all over a year, demanded a lifelong psychological rehabilitation.

The withdrawal of mouse and human experiments was that in the early stages, a enriched medium rich in events and emotions is extremely important both for mental and physical health of the whole of life. During development, neural connections are formed necessary for various aspects of brain activity. The richest environment, the more such connections are formed. But this is about the past and about childhood – about the fact that no longer change. Now we know a lot of new.

Why do you need eternity, if you do not know what to do in the weekend

The same colored pieces in cells and their human analogues in the form of interesting life affect adults. When the biological windows of the suspensability of the brain of the brain are collapsed to the positive impact of the environment, the vents and gaps remain open, through which life events are able to influence our brain. Even in adulthood, the enriched medium is able to reduce the risk of developing a large number of diseases and brake brain aging. So, one of my favorite articles in Rejuvenation Research gives us hope to believe that mice that lived in the enriched medium until the end of life live longer with boring life. And, moreover, have better immunity and better memory.

What is the enriched environment for us.

Enriched Wednesday is an education that makes thinking and, as a result, see the same world, but as a new. These are learned foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat give us new words. These are new people with meaning. And, of course, it is traveling outside hotels-all-inclusive. To travelers all dual attitude. On the one hand, they admire, on the other – envy. But in comparison with those for whom the ride’s trip the most interesting adventure of the week, travelers always won.

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