Why does Oonon do not have sex with me

Why he / she does not have sex with me?

You will be surprised: this question is more often asked … Google search engine. To figure out what is still looking for online on the subject of sexuality of men and women, analyst Set Stevens-Davidovich decided to learn the arrays of Google data. The results obtained are impressive. Especially if you are ready to look at yourself with some more irony.

In a famous anecdote, an elderly man complains a doctor for difficulties in sex. "Darling, well, at your age it is not surprising," the doctor spreads his arms. "Yes, how, here, my neighbor tells that a little bit four times a week, but the peers we!"- perplex patient. "Well, you tell!"In full compliance with this joke, any studies of our sexuality are distinguished by trusting their participants, alas, it is impossible.

Condoms as a test for honesty

Here, for example, the data of demographic research General Social Survey, every two years held in the United States: a heterosexual man over 18 years old makes an average of 63 sexual intercourse per year. At the same time, in 23% of cases, it uses a condom, which gives us about 1.5 billion used condoms. At the same time, heterosexual women on average report 55 sexual acts, and the condom is used only in 16% of them. Total 1.1 billion condoms. Someone definitely tells. Want to know who? And those and others. According to Nielsen, the main authority in the field of statistics and information processing, the annual sales of condoms in the United States do not reach even 600 million. And such examples are many. To seem to truth, economist, graduate Harvard and in the past Analyst of Google Corporation Sethens-Davidowitz (Seth Stephens-Davidowitz) decided to study large data arrays (Big Data), namely search queries to Google service related to sex.*

We exaggerate the frequency of sex

Why does Oonon do not have sex with me

The conclusion is first obvious from the above example. We, to put it mildly, exaggerate the frequency of their sex. (Of course, Stevens-Davidovich refers to American statistics, so "we" in this case are conditionally, our data are still waiting for their researcher. And yet there are a lot of reason to believe that the picture will get similar.) Married men up to 65 years old assure sociologists that they have sex on average no less than once a week. Married women call the figure a little smaller, but still close.

But Google statistics. In negative (containing complaints and claims) of search queries, the word "marriage" (MARRIAGE) is most often neighboring the words "without sex" (Sexless) – such requests google receives a monthly at least 20 thousand. At the same time, the first five of the most popular "marriage" requests also includes SEX Starved and No Sex Marriage – again about the shortage or complete absence of sex. Once a week, say?

Interesting, by the way, that traditional ideas that partners avoid sex more often than partners, it’s time to change. If we talk about married couples, then husbands really ask Google about their bitter share more often – monthly question "Why my wife does not have sex with me?"Try the search engine on average 1048 men. However, the number of wives interested in the husbands of them are neglected, quite a bit lower – 972. But in relations not executed officially, the picture is completely different. The question "Why my girl does not have sex with me?"Go Google an average of 413 times a month. And the similar question about the boyfriend is almost twice as much, 805 times.

Why does Oonon do not have sex with me

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