Why does the wife entrust me by complaints “

"Why does the wife entrust me by complaints?"

When I come from work, the wife literally attacked me: requires attention, compliments, and even immediate sex. If I’m not in the mood, you begin reproaching: "You do not love me. »It is absolutely useless to argue. What happens to her?

At these moments, you probably have confusion: you still would not mind your thoughts at work and, probably, would not mind the peaceful evening – to start a joint dinner, communication with the child and only then smooth transition to the bedroom. And you seem to be offered the role of a Hero-lover who does not happen neither tired, neither hungry, but always ready for new sexual feats. Feel comfortable in these circumstances is quite difficult.

You do not tell what your wife was before the wedding, but something tells me that she won you with his liveliness, energy, sexuality. After giving birth, she changed. She is certainly familiar with doubts and chagrins related to the fact that it does not work now, it is more common to communicate with those who are interested in, dressed not as used to and loves.

Of course, she gets tired, she is lonely, perhaps even his feeling is: "Now everything came across. The point is not that it is so hard to engage in a child, but that this work is around the clock, without beginning and end. In her "attacks" on you – the desperate need to confirm its value, return the shameless self-confidence. It seems that it is difficult for her to express his fears with words, and it is easier to "attack" at you at an inappropriate moment and so get a direct reason for reproach.

Why does the wife entrust me by complaints

Try to call it once or another during the day – not every day, but from time to time. Perhaps it would be calmer after a joint campaign to the store, where you would participate in buying something that symbolizes its attractiveness and your attention.

Maybe it makes sense to ask someone to sit with the child so that you at least spend a few hours how soon. Finally, you should not forget: most men in your situation complain about the opposite: "Eternally she is tired, always she is not up to me". It is unlikely that this option would be considered preferred.

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