Why dogs are so much for us three stories

Why dogs mean so much for us? Three stories

Any owner will confirm that with the advent of a four-way friend his life has changed much. And the point is not at all that now in any weather he is forced to go for a walk. Not only the usual way is changing, the dogs change ourselves ourselves: learn to build borders, control their own fears, hear themselves. How do they succeed?

Dogs we are cheerful and touched, touched with their devotion. Their love is unconditional: they are indifferent, whether we are beautiful, wealthy, rich. All so, but the stories of our heroes allow you to notice thinner nuances in the relations of man and dogs.

It turns out that not only we bring them up, but also of us – Nina came to this conclusion, while he studied in a literal and figurative sense to keep pets on a leash, whose character can be delicately called complex.

"If a person is configured to find a common language with a dog, he will have to learn to hear himself: how and that he says, which actually wants, – the psychologist Alexander Suchkova agrees. – Thanks to such internal work, it becomes calmer and confident and, ultimately, more adults. ".

Perhaps dogs, always ready to protect the owners, make them more generous, generous, responsive?

In any case, when the favorite Ridgeback of Natalia was lost, she was amazed how many unfamiliar "dog lovers" immediately hurried to her. Thanks to them there was a dog.

"At such sharp moments, it turns out how domestic animals are dependent on us and are attached to us – comments Alexander Suchkova. – Almost like children. But if a child, growing, understands that the parent, leaving the house, will return, then in dogs, even adults, this understanding of the owner is not. Therefore, they react so violently to his return: "Hurray, you found!"

Dog owners tend to think out of pets, but sometimes their animal nature goes to the fore: Shepherd saved the Gregory family, in an amazing way in advance "having learned" that they are threatened with danger.

There is no mysticism in this, Alexander Suchkova believes. "It’s just a beast intuition. For the millennium, lived next to a person, the qualities needed the quality necessary for the protection of the owner, his family, property ".

Well, mysticism is not, and the riddle still remains – the one, which is always present in love, including the one that connects the dog and man.

"These three days turned over my picture of the world"

Natalia and Ridgeback Emma

I went to Yaroslavl on the weekend and asked relative to be with my dog. In the evening on Saturday he calls: "Emma ran away!" I got lost. It is necessary to look for urgent! But when I get to Moscow? Guessed to write on Facebook in groups dedicated to Ridgeback. And what happened that I did not expect.

While I traveled all night to the house, the situation included barely familiar and very unfamiliar people. Neighbor Yana hung announcements on the street. Olga, only once who saw me at the training session of Ridgeback, printed the leaflets, adding the photo Emma from the social network, and late in the evening came to my area to sprink them. Tomorrow she again helped me in search. Several people glued ads in neighboring quarters.

There was a witness: he saw Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčtied at the entrance to the store (what my relative was afraid to admit), some man hurt the house nearby. In social networks, I wrote: We will arrive and will track this person when he will bring it for a walk. But on the third day, Emma appeared in the yard: I think the kidnapper let her go, seeing our activity. After all, only posts and repost – I considered – it was almost five thousand!

These three days turned my picture of the world. My friends sympathized, but were too busy to help. And unfamiliar people sake me. Probably you need to be a dog in order to understand what trouble it is – losing your favorite pet.

"I raised him, and he"

Nina and Metis Barney

Why dogs are so much for us three stories

When we took Barney’s shelter, a terrible discovery was waiting for me. Any animal on his way he was ready to break into pieces. It was scary to walk, I did not have enough strength to cope with him. I started looking for a movie. The criterion was one – no cruelty in education.

The first classes struck us. It seemed that a miniature cynologist was just a secret lady of animals. Next to her Barney did not even try to bark. She explained to me the rules of behavior with a dog, her motives, taught her to manage. But I did not work. As long as I did not understand that training is a story about the self-control of the host, about the ability to build borders, control the fear.

I will never forget how the instructor gave me a leash in the second hand with the same aggressor like Barney. I led a number of these healthy pieces and knew that no one would eat anyone, because I fully manage the situation. Strong feeling! This is the most powerful psychological training that I happened to go in life.

Barney aggressor, this is not changed. But I learned to control myself and his. I really changed radically. A few years later, I had a child, and the first months we had to spend in the hospital. But even in such a difficult situation, I felt that I had power to cope with her. I owe Barney. He is the most difficult, but "my most" dog in the world.

"We consider him our Savior"

Gregory and Shepherdka Ilson

Ilson we took quite small, he was 39 days. He was that sherching that he was like – equally, such a ball. On the street, everyone exclaimed: Bear, the bear walks! Grew up a handsome dog who knows the price, he likes when they admire. He plays in the theater, for three years already in the play "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors". Completely calm on stage.

We still have a dog, the lag, and once my wife and I went with dogs to the country house, went well, rejoicing in the spring, and in the evening with Ilson something strange began: how much began to whine. Thought the belly hurts. I bring it to the street – he throws to the car, goes into the trunk. Return to the house – how much. It seemed his nose was hot. They called the veterinarian, he says: bring, you need to watch. It was hurt to leave, but what to do. Ten kilometers drove away, Ilyson calmed down, lay quietly. And the doctor looking at him, said everything is in order, the dog is healthy.

Well, do not go over the city at night, returned to the apartment. And here the neighbors called: Your home is burning. We have shock, because if we were left at the cottage, no one would have gotten alive. Here Ilson approached me, put his head on his knees and began to lick my hands. And I stroked him and said: "Thank you, dear, that you all saved!"

How he could feel it in advance without undertake to judge. I am brought up by a materialist, but there is some kind of mystic.

Why dogs are so much for us three stories

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