Why men lose wish

Why men lose wish

They don’t need sex without love, they do not need sex on demand, they seem to do not need sex at all. It is difficult to believe in it, but the myth that, without exception, a man is distinguished by high sexuality, apparently, goes into the past.

Men are more not interested to be "sek-machines"? Perhaps: on consultation with a psychologist, they are increasingly complaining about problems with libido. They themselves and their wives or girlfriends can assume that the case in physiology or age, but in reality it is not.

"Physical reasons We are very rare – no more than 7-10% of cases, – says sexologist Boris Egorov. – All other difficulties – psychological nature ". It seems that factors leading to the fact that men make love less often with less enthusiasm, quite a lot. What are they?

Power of women

Men communicate with women from an early age: Mom, grandmother or older sister make a boy’s character, often doing it on his own image and likeness. Thus, they lay stereotypes of specific female behavior, and if the child does not see how men behave in his life, women’s features appear in his character.

Why men lose wish

This is especially pronounced when surrounding encourage and cultivate obedience and fasciance in the boy. "When this baby, the absorbed manners of his mother, will become a man, he will be affectionate and cute, but he will be hard to behave in male – both in life in general, and in bed, – says Boris Egorov. – And his partner will suffer from what he lives with a man who is at the psychological level is a woman ".

But even if the man in general is typical of masculin behavior, a woman is quite capable of suppressing it. "Recently, the husband has been referred to fatigue all the time and immediately falls asleep, – says 35-year-old Alena. – Not that I really suffered from this physically, I am afraid that he has another ". The man does not show sexual desire does not necessarily spend time with his mistress – the reason for its coldness, perhaps the situation in the family.

"A woman for whom sexual relationships are not particularly significant can unconsciously negotiate the attraction and in his partner," explains Boris Egorov. – For example, guessing or having heard that he wants to make love, she is accepted for household goods, waiting for it until he falls. Or, on the contrary, sets the conditions: requires, for example, six orgasms per night. A man is afraid of insatiability, not to mention the fact that any conditions in bed talk about the insincerity of the relationship ".

Why men lose wish

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