Why men love hysterits

Why men love hysterits

Let’s try to figure out the difficulties of love, and why are the hystericals there are so attractive for men. First you need to say that this type of men like the eternal prince is most susceptible to the influence of hysteries. What exactly like them in such women, we will try to understand.

In my practice there were several patients of eternal princes who were in love with hysteries and could not leave them, although they understood that such a relationship would not lead to anything good. One of these men from a successful businessman turned into a servant and the hysterical driver of a sweet siren, his whole business came into decline, since all the time he devoted to her and her whims. This story pushed me to the study of this kind of relationship.

If you know the reason for this attraction, you can avoid it and save many worthy men from testering. After all, in a couple of years, such relationships, a man turns into an exhausted old man who brings suffering not only to himself, but also close.

Let’s start with the definition of the concept of hysteria, which includes a complex of diseases and concomitant states. These include neurosis, psychosis, psychopathy and accentuation.

All the states of hysteria are closely related to deep psychologically traumatic memories and experiences, with a personality device, with violent, strengthened and dependent on the public, manifestations of hysteria symptoms.

It is often noted that the patient may behave more actively and hysterically for doctors, but surrounded by ordinary people to become like a healthy person.

Often, doctors seem to be simulating and played by the performance, so they do not need treatment. Doctors should always remember – these people are really sick and they need treatment, so if you don’t have enough strength to cope with them, it is better to give a patient with another professional, but in no case deny help.

Hysterical psychosis manifests itself very bright and acutely accompanying symptoms – seizures, nervous movements, stupor. It is based on the strongest psychological trauma. Others immediately it becomes clear that in front of them – a sick person, so the doctor is immediately called.

The neurosis is similar to psychosis, it also has an injury, but in addition to external manifestations it can still have symptoms of neurological, somatic, vegetative, and any. That is, such a person can complain about various pains, contact the doctors of different directions.

In psychopathy and accentuation, you can see the same signs, but the degree of psychopathy leads to problems with society. In this case, the nature of the accentuation depends on the medium in which the patient falls. If the medium is positive, then a person will be able to develop in it, for example, if the accented is becoming an actor, then its characteristics and ability to reincarnate will help in career growth.

If he chooses the scope of action completely inappropriate, its peculiarities – accurate science, activities related to economies and money, it will be pursued by breakdowns and attacks.

Now in general sketch the portrait of a hysterical person. The main symptoms of hysterical disorders are emotional inconsistency, highly developed egocentrism and egoism, physical and psychological infantilism.

A person is characterized by a rapid and sharp emotional excitability, instability of reactions to stimuli. The temperament of such an individual is characterized by large activity and reactivity, strongest sensitivity. The rate of reactions is greatly increased.

Such a person exhibits an amazing plasticity of character, sometimes it comes to the point that absolutely opposite personalities appear in front of us in one.

Individual can sometimes look like an excessively sociable extrovert, all its manifestations of nature contradict each other, his thoughts and actions are inconsistent. Psychological immaturity pushes him to respond and make decisions depending on the dominant emotions now, life beliefs are shallow and unstable, it is easily amenable to someone else’s opinions, often and fantasies.

Such people have an increased degree of egoism, they are fixated on themselves and capricious, can be arrived. Love when they pay a lot of attention and strive for this. Individual individuals may be distinguished by chronic falsehood and myth-making.

All interests and sentiments of hysterical personalities are absolutely unstable and depend on the current situation. Their main goal, which they are interesting to them – this is the saturation of your egoistic thirst for attention and self-confidence. From such a purpose and their infantile behavior occurs.

All emotional and exciting stories of friendship or love occur instantly quickly, surprising with their sharpness and brightness, but soon fading.

Why men love hysterits

Hysterics is difficult to truly fulfill its certain social role, so they can simply wear masks, the benefit of their arsenal their large number. If the mask meets all the egoistic requirements, then the patient in it is so comfortable that even the surrounding can take it for a real person.

All these features are characteristic of "sweet sirens", but they are especially pronounced with their temperamental hyperplasticity, they may be delighted with their victim. Sirens are so plastic in behavior that as if enveloped their sacrifice – they adjust to her character and habits.

That is why they seem to be so attractive at the beginning of the relationship for a man – the feeling of the one that the only thing that will understand and accept. Usually, the victims of Siren become promising and young princes, who still do not have proper experience to recognize hysteria.

The admiration of Sirena is notadless, they really admire the victim, see its potential and opportunities, support in all endeavors. Sincere help and delight shifts the vigilance of the victim, which does not even suspect the catch.

Often a man in response also begins to experience delight regarding sirens. All friends and cases are not so important as time spent in the company Siren. And at some point, the development of a man begins to brake, career growth is stopped, and Siren immediately goes to a new promising young man.

And the former sacrifice remains in a depressing position, with a feeling of despair and pain. There are that men after such do not come to themselves and lead unsightly life. Others are restored for a very long time and come to themselves.

Sometimes the senses of the victim will develop into drug addicts, and they do not see the meaning of existence without sirens. This behavior requires special treatment and assistance.

All actions performed by sweet siren are unconscious, so it is not necessary to condemn it, she really need treatment. Her hyperplasticity force her to curb the victim, to surround, so that after parting, she can no longer be the same. Sirens to all constantly helping in career successes, they themselves never reach the upper steps and remaining in second place.

Men love hysteries for the fact that they have a complete feeling that they found a single soul mate for themselves. In the continuation of the relationship, they constantly expect that Siren will be the one that she was at the beginning. But the further, the hope more and more.

And in the end, a man turns into a tired old man, perhaps even with any diseases. After such relations need a course of restoration of the psychotherapist and the desire to forget Siren.

Why men love hysterits

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