Why men prefer sex with more mature women

Why men prefer sex with more mature women

A man who had an intimate connection with a woman older will remember this novel as one of the best in his life, says the writer Karen Lee. And the sexual experience gained by him will benefit when a young man will be ready for relations with his peer. What is this union?

In the US, women of Balzakovsky age (35-45 years old), which are actively meeting with men younger than them, are called "kaguara" or "cums" (from the English. Caguar – Puma). These are strong women who have achieved their success in his career and did not refuse the desire to achieve happiness (for the first time or reuse) in personal life. Writer and blogger Karen Lee rubbed one of them.

A few years ago, losing her husband, she began blogging, and later a network talk show about love, dating, sex. Then he wrote a book on how to gain happiness in a mature age, and herself herself: For many years, Karen Lee rubs in a relationship with a man who under her for several years. After interviewing the participants of your show that brings together people with a big difference in age, Karen Lee lost ten reasons why mature mistresses exceed in the eyes of young people more young partners.

1. They have a numerical advantage

Age may indicate that the woman’s "Puma" had more than one partner. Most likely, several novels happened before her marriage. And after divorce, the number of contacts may increase in geometric progression.

2. They have a big practical experience

Long marriage or sustainable relationships involve sexual experience with one partner. The memory of these contacts is maintained for a long time and forms a rich sexual experience of a mature woman.

3. They know what they want

Why men prefer sex with more mature women

Good knowledge of the features of his body and their desires are due to their experience.

Mature woman managed to experiment with different technicians, tried to have sex in different positions. She was repeatedly engaged in masturbation, and she is not afraid to explain, from what really gets pleasure.

If the girl herself does not know what it expects from the partner, the more difficult it is to understand. "Puma" know exactly what they want, and suggest which "buttons" a man is to press.

4. They have already learned what men want

And now they do not mind to solve the specific desires of their current partner. In general, they have already understood due to the former novels, which poses and techniques are especially often set by men. But they will definitely ask the partner that he gives him the greatest satisfaction. And if something else do not know, learn on books, movies or on the Internet.

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