Why miss sometimes useful

Why miss sometimes useful?

"Mom, I’m bored!"- phrase that can cause panic from many parents. For some reason, it seems to us that a bored child clearly proves our parental failure, the inability to create the right conditions for development. Let him get to brand, experts advise: boredom has its invaluable advantages.

Many parents seek to paint the summer vacation of their children literally by the hour. To organize everything so that no week is wasting, without new trips and impressions, without interesting games and useful classes. It is scary to even imagine that the child will wake up once in the morning and will not know what to do.

"Do not so be afraid of boredom and overload children in summer, – Children’s psychologist Lin Fry (Lyn Fry), Education Specialist. – If the whole day is saturated with classes organized by adults, it prevents him from finding his own, to understand that he is really interested. The task of parents is to help the son (daughter) find its place in society, become an adult. And to be an adult – it means to be able to occupy yourself and find things and hobbies that deliver us joy. If parents dedicate all their time to planning the free time of their child, he will never learn to do it himself ".

"It is due to the boredom, we have an internal stimulus for creativity, – confirms Teresa Belton, Development Specialist from the University of East England. – Lack of classes encourages us to try to do something new, unusual, come up with and carry out some kind of idea ". And although our chances of being granted to ourselves noticeably doused with the development of Internet technologies, it is worth listening to the words of experts who have been talking about the importance of "Lurestania" for the development of a child for several decades. In 1993, Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips (Adam Phillips) wrote that the ability to transfer boredom could be an important achievement in the development of the child: "Boredom is our chance to contemplate life, and not rush through it" 1 .

In his opinion, One of the most oppressive demands of adults to the child is that he should be busy with something interesting before he gets the opportunity to understand, and what, in fact, interests him. But in order to understand this, the child needs time not occupied by anything else.

Why miss sometimes useful

Find what is really interesting

Lin Fry offers parents at the beginning of the summer to sit down with children and joint efforts to draw up a list of what a child could gladly do during the holidays. There may be such typical classes as a game of cards, reading books, cycling. But there may be more complex, original ideas, such as cooking dinner, performing a performance or photo.

And if one day the child will come to you with a complaint about boredom, advise him to look into the list. So you give him the right to decide how to choose and how to dispose of free clock. Even if he won’t find. what to do, there is no problem in that he will get. The main thing is to understand that this is not a waste of time.

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