Why my child still speaks poorly or doesn’t say at all

Why my child still speaks poorly or doesn’t say at all?

With what kinds of requests to me as a neuropsychologist come most often the parents come?

Often this request "why my child still speaks poorly or does not speak at all?"

Initially, many moms and dad believe that the development of speech is simply a little late, but then by 3 years of the child’s life begin to beat the alarm. And they can be perfectly understood, because speech and its development is a pronounced marker of how the child’s brain develops, as well as higher mental functions.

It is clear when the baby has a history of any disturbances from the central nervous system (hypoxia, cranknogo injury, hematoma, etc.). But how can I answer the question of parents "why my child does not say?", If the kid with health is all right?

At the very beginning of his practice, I was very difficult to answer such a question. I just took and examined the child.

At the reception of a boy, 3 years old, Kolya (names changed for confidentiality). The baby is well oriented in place and space, very smart, well developed large and small motor skills, moving, but no hyperactivity, is open to communicate with me. But only except the word "BBB" can noise anywhere.

Or still boy step, 3 years. Very movable boy, curious, is also smart, it really wants to communicate, but except the gesture can not express anything. Why not says?

Of course, many doctors will say that there are absolutely healthy, there are no sustained. Of course, that it is most likely to spend the speech during the intrauterine development or during childbirth or even when … there were some factors that have fallen into the development of centers in the child’s head, since he is silent. But who will now find them who can explain. And the child is important to start talking right now, because he himself suffers from what I want to say so much, and it does not work ..

As I said earlier, in such cases I just take the baby on neurodiagnostics, and then on the neurocorrection – the developing classes did not interfere with anyone.

I love neuropsychology for the fact that it helps not so much quantitatively, how much to look at the development of the child.

And during classes, I notice that if I have in those moments when I raised my voice, telling an enthusiastic fairy tale or story, instead of the interest in my eyes, the fright was read. Anxiety was observed before the tasks where sharp movements of the hands and legs are needed. And he constantly bury the bright toys in a special sandbox, preferring to play only with machine. I gradually began to visit guesses. I talked with his mom for any serious stressful situations at that time when Kolya was still quite small.

Confess to honestly, many parents have resistance or "go into yourself" after such questions, but it is very important to know in order to help their child. It turned out that when the cola was only 1 year old, his parents experienced a heavy crisis, the voltage constantly reigned at home. The child constantly heard how shouting and crying mom, saw how she slapped the door of his dad. Mom was in despair, at some moments she fell into the baby too.

Stay boy also suffered in infancy Divorce of parents. The benefit of Mom was able to cope with his feelings, worried about their child. Parents quietly broke up. But since mom needed to somehow live, it was necessary to make money, the steppe accounted for 1.3 months. Go to Sadik. And at least the sadiary himself was private, he was not lucky with the educator. Against the background of a calm and balanced mom, the crying and irritable teacher seemed just a monster.

In the language of the patterns of development of the children’s nervous system, it can be expressed like this: the rapid and immature brain lived a huge stream at all "Nonhety" Emotions. Emotions and feelings, if they are negative (fear, anxiety, sadness, anger) strongly deplete the resources of the child. Therefore, there is not enough forces at a certain point for the development of the necessary centers of the cerebral cortex (in our case, the centers responsible for the development of speech). Therefore, now the child of that and another mother speaks poorly.

Why my child still speaks poorly or doesn't say at all

And in the language of the subtleties of the development of a children’s soul, I would put it so: at this time (from birth to 1.5 years old) in children is formed basic trust or distrust of the world around. And if at this time the world is constantly "gives" he has a number of negative experiences if the mother itself is in constant alarm, then how can you trust this world? And if I do not trust him, why do I talk to him?

The boys went through the neuropsychological correction rate, and we were in the Mama in a constant dialogue, discussing how now, they can be their behavior and emotions "brighten up" or help your boys forget the very stress that has so much affected their development. After all, no one is insured against divorce and hard life circumstances. Each mother has the right to his feelings. But when mom is able to understand everything and has a desire to help her child, they will definitely work out.

With the steppe after the course of neurocorrection, we no longer see each other, but I was already pleased with the fact that by the end of the classes he began to gradually disconstruct the words.

With Kake, we met exactly one year later. I was so nice to see him and … hear! At the end of our course, he began just to pronounce several new words. But in a year I already heard entire proposals.

This suggests that the emotions and feelings that our children experience are capable of affecting the development directly at the organic level. Physical exertion, proper nutrition, mode and walks – all this is the key to the full development of the children’s body. But one should not depreciate the factor of the accompanying emotional background, in which the child grows.

Of course, no one is immune from mistakes, being parents, we can not always "Shave straw". But if our eyes and heart remain open, if, besides our routine adult worries, we are still able to see the wounds of a children’s soul, we are able to change their children in the fate!

Personally, I believe that almost any child who speaks poorly for their age or does not speak at all, is capable of developing speech if you help him in this on time!

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