Why Narcissy – Nakhodka for hackers

Why Narcissy – Nakhodka for hackers?

Lesties – a favorite tool of social hackers, the perfect balancing, to which they catch their victims, from the simplicity of Millenilands to the magnificent experience of top managers.

You love to do Selfie to post them in the social network and collect as much likes as possible? Without thinking, add as a friend of everyone who will send you an invitation to be friends? Then you are in the risk zone, and you should think about less to talk about your life in social networks. Cyberprests and hackers hunt for those who put their lives. The result of this hunting can be deplorable both for you personally and for your employer.

"We are increasingly seeing that social engineering techniques exploit narcissism of the victims", – Says Jessic Barker Information Security Consultant (Jessica Barker).

Many users, especially Millennialy, seek to swee their ego, and social hackers use this weakness for their own purposes. "As research shows, people with narcissistic features of personality want to significantly expand their contacts on social networks and therefore seeking to get as many" friends "or subscribers as possible", – says Barker.

At least a danger lies in the fact that cybercriminals create fake accounts in social networks. With their help, they are breeding friendship with potential victims and try to manipulate them. A vain man for them is a discovery, they will not be awarded to send him an invitation to be friends, knowing that he eats popularity.

In addition, narcissus users do not shy in detail to talk about their lives, which also creates potential risks.

"They want the whole world to know what they do, where they are what they like, but it is obvious that criminals can take advantage of this frankness and put a huge damage to such a person," says Barker. For example, knowing everything about life, hobbies and domestic animals, you can try to calculate it passwords.

Why Narcissy - Nakhodka for hackers

And finally, the rougher and direct method remains with which cybercriminals can affect the victim – an open blackmail. "Receptions are well known, – Barker explains. – Let’s say a pretty girl begins to flick with a man. They become friends, chatting in the chat, then communication develops into the flirting, goes to the exchange of candid pictures … Having received trophies, cybercriminals attack the victim, trying to pull more money out of it ".

Someone these hacker technologies will seem too obvious and therefore not dangerous – well, who will fall on it, except that very young and naive users! However, this is not the case, assures Barker. On similar schemes, perhaps somewhat enhanced, even wise experiences come across the top managers of companies. Even a special term "Wayling" appeared, denoting fraudulent cyberatics on high-ranking persons.

"They often fail excessive self-confidence. Say, such a manager receives a mail with a request to transfer money to the president of the company, – tells Jessica Barker. – the order seems to be a flattering addressee, and it deprives him of criticality ".

The conclusion is obvious: we should all be careful in virtual space. Social engineering techniques, which are sometimes called "burglary of the brain", are becoming more sophisticated, and, probably, it will be more difficult to resist them. But at least do not unpacked the door to criminals, inviting them to enter our life.

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