Why never late

Why never late

We are accustomed to thinking that time is linear. Past – in the past, now – the present, and the future seems to us the ever-slip line of the horizon. In fact, almost any event can simultaneously occur in all three temporal states. We ourselves invented the time as a comfortable illusion, Mirage in the desert of assumptions and fears.

Seconds, minutes, hours, calendars – all this without us just did not have. These fruits of our thought process helped us "get out of the dusk", building at home, collect harvest, to invent and open. However, gradually we stopped perceiving the time as a partner, now it is the subject of worship and source of frustrations.

In our language, the word "time" comes from the Old our "Veremia" – "Rotation". Day after day, dawn for dawn. But it was so before. In modern science, the time is a standard measure that is based on, exploring and synchronizing the processes of nature and society. That’s just this universal measure is suitable for each person with his individual rhythm?

When, within the framework of social research, respondents were isolated in the caves without any opportunity to determine the time, they did not need a generally accepted reference, and created their own.

Time for us is not only the duration of any process or phenomenon, but also the past, present and future. According to scientists, we perceive time with the help of internal "biological" hours – elementary rhythmic phenomena like sleeping and recreation, working day, lunch break and … duration of emotions.

Illusion of Time

Imagine that in front of you – the TV screen. You can not instantly see Paris, Jupiter or the bottom of Mariana gutter, but it does not mean that they are not. Something similar happens with time: we are here and now, but at the same time in the past and the future. We live all the events that have occurred or will occur in these time dimensions. We are simultaneously young, mature and old. We are out of time, out of age. But we have a choice.

Statistics, figures, age in passport – only illusion. We can grab it as for limiting conviction, or use as a lifebuoy, with pleasure and benefit living every moment. Every second, making one or another choice, we give rise to another reality. Every 24 hours we live a new one, the unique life that can fill by those or other events.

These are the very actions that we can do if you change or at least sincerely wish it. We are free in choosing your future.

Psychology of Time

Unlike statistics and numbers, our life is not an illusion. She is our reality. However, we tend to endout the time by other roles, see in it:

    Why never late
  • The executioner (so we do, measuring the "residue" with the help of a clock running arrow),
  • The means of manipulation ("You are already so many years old, and you are not yet …", "Purplus, and not that late", "Seasonal Sales"),
  • tool self-deception (many of us are typical of our dreams for tomorrow).

Ancient Maya offered the world principle: to live every second. They believed that every day is invaluable because the upcoming dream is a little death. Fatally? By no means if you perceive every day as a small life, then every year will consist of 365 days of happiness.

Time perception is subjective and quite relative. We are dependent on the mood, health status, interest in anything or anyone at the moment. That is why a large number of bright events generates the illusion of quick and dynamic life, and depression and poor well-being create a feeling of viscosity and slowness. Especially bright this phenomenon is manifested in the crisis stages of life.

The only thing that can overclock the fog of distortion is a confident position "here and now". How to form it?

  1. Screw the fantastic films "My past" as possible in your head and "My Future". Any memories and assumptions – the illusions that we view through the "exaggerated" glass of current emotions and expectations.
  2. Manage focus of attention: where it is there and time. That is why, sending a focus on the past, we leave our current youth in it.
  3. Follow the health: it affects our perception of reality. Hormonal background can radically dig our "reality boat".
  4. Avoid the "Pygmalion Effect": try not to predict and not predict your future. The suggestion distorts our behavior, which in turn becomes the cause of what is happening. We are as if we realize our own "prediction".
  5. Try to implement your own needs: the work of biological watches directly depends on. Dependence, disappointment in love, health problems and even feeling of hunger can distort the time. If we are bad for a second, time in the past will be distinguished more, and the future will be perceived by an uncertain and bad.

Reverse irreversible

We are what we believe. How many great discoveries were committed in adulthood. How many wonderful love stories happened exactly when in the passport was already "strongly …".

When it seems to us that we can not, – we just seem. Inside us lives the one who can. In this secret of success. Late or early – the next belief created to burn our laziness and fear. That is why 20% of people are creating the history of victories and accomplishments, and 80% dissolve them from this.

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