Why no need to be afraid of a visit to the dentist

Why no need to be afraid of a visit to the dentist?

We live in the era of digital technologies: we fly into space, get cars with cruise control, use advanced gadgets. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the dentist – because medicine stepped far ahead. Doctor Stanislav Vafin talks about modern technologies making dental procedures with comfortable and painless.

In modern dentistry, much attention is paid to the complex of the patient, its emotional state. Doctors build a treatment plan so as to minimize the number of hikes to them, and complex medical interventions are carried out at all in a dream.

SWISS SMILE CLINIC concept is aimed at getting rid of the patient from fear of dentistry. The clinic has created an atmosphere that helps guests get rid of the Association of "White Hospital Walls". She resembles a boutique or mini-hotel, whose interior is decorated with a good taste, and polite staff will always offer a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Therefore, from the very beginning of the visit, you set up positive emotions. In the perfect scenario of a good dental clinic, it should be – from the receipt of the reception and then you should not have the feeling of discomfort.

It is important to remember – the sooner you begin treatment, the easier and more painless will be a visit to the doctor. I recommend overcome fears and ask for help.

Now let’s talk about the treatment process. In Swiss Smile Clinic, we use high-precision anesthesia. It is conducted using a computer: through the finest needle, thick with human hair, anesthetic is served under low pressure.

The pressure intensity is selected so that the person’s baroreceptors can perceive any external influences – so the procedure passes completely insulted.

After anesthesia affected, the doctor can remove the dental stones, cure caries or "pass" under the microscope channels.

Why no need to be afraid of a visit to the dentist

If the problem is more serious, then we offer patients treatment in a dream. This option is especially relevant when complex medical intervention is required: the removal of one or several teeth, the decree of dental implants or bone extension.

In this case, after consulting with an anesthesiologist, a special drug is introduced into the Vienna of the patient, causing drugs. I emphasize that this method cannot be compared with general anesthesia. Medical dream – absolutely safe procedure: you fall asleep and at the same time you can breathe yourself, open or close your mouth and even talk to your doctor. The patient does not have stress, does not see the treatment process, and after waking up it seems to him that only 5-10 minutes.

Using accurate computer technology reduces the number of necessary visits to the doctor’s office to adjust the work done or bring it to the ideal. For example, when restoration of teeth in the SWISS Smile clinic make digital photos with a special benchmark that allow you to check in the laboratory whether the color of the restoration is coincided with the color of the patient’s teeth. At the same time physical fitting is not needed.

Now the patients who were afraid of the dentist from childhood, easily carry even complex teeth treatment procedures.

Why no need to be afraid of a visit to the dentist

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